Castiglione Arts and Culture was founded in 2015 to promote performing arts tours in Australia, New Zealand and Asian Pacific areas. Our deep, long-term connections with the industry stakeholders including artists, musicians, educators, producers, and other diverse companies shape our vision to bring the best live performances experiences to our audience and community. Over the past seven years, Castiglione has been working with the best international music pioneers from around the globe, and has organized over 60 concerts across Australia and Asian Pacific with more than 100,000 audiences. 

Born in the diverse cultural landscape of Melbourne, Castiglione presents a year-round programme of exhibition, live performance, education, cultural events in Australia and beyond.  We promotes new ideas and multi-forms of innovation across art+science+technology and performing arts by delivering projects that invite audiences and artists to make meaningful engagement. As an early adopter of the Australian arts sector, dedicating to bringing in new experiences with partners drawn from areas with transformative power of arts, Castiglione has developed and presented numerous key cultural events and exhibitions that enrich and evolve the lives of diverse communities.

We aim to inspire the practice of visual arts and illuminate people’s life through arts and creativity, fostering new networks and collaborations by embracing exciting challenges and trends around the globe.