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Nobuo Uematsu is one of the most famous composers in the field of video games. He has achieved worldwide recognition for his work on the FINAL FANTASY series which has been performed by world-class orchestras around the world. Nobuo Uematsu has been recognized as a major contributor to the growing appreciation and awareness of video game music. A great example is the theme song for “FINAL FANTASY VIII,” “Eyes on Me,” composed and produced by him. Her song featured Hong Kong pop star Faye Wong and sold a record 400,000 copies. It also won “Song of the Year (Western Music)” at the 14th Annual Japan Gold Disc Awards in 1999, which was the first time in history that a video game's music received this award. illustrious honor. The game series' music gained so much notoriety that Nobuo Uematsu was named one of the "innovators" in Time Magazine's "Time 100: the Next Wave Music."


The live performance will include a solo performance by Nobuo Uematsu himself & a live band performance by Nobuo Uematsu’s band. His solo performance will feature music from Modulation - FINAL FANTASY Arrangement Album, a record album that he handled everything from arrangement to mixing all by himself for the first time, just released on November 9, 2022. Band will play vocal songs from FINAL FANTASY series such as Suteki da ne and Melodies of Life. Also reading of Story of Blic-0, an original work that Nobuo Uematsu wrote both the story and the music will be performed for the first time overseas.


5 September


Recital Centre

8 September

State Theatre Sydney

Don't miss this exclusive one-night-only opportunity to witness Nobuo Uematsu's brilliance live on stage and celebrate his extraordinary musical legacy.
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