22Aug-19 Sep 2020

About This Course


Part one: introduction

These days, the studio is as much a part of music making as the musician. Logic Pro X combines the best of both worlds: features to bring fresh musical ideas to life, and tools to derive the most from a performance. In this course, We takes you over the Logic learning curve, showing how to compose, record, edit, and mix great sounding tracks. First, we will get comfortable with the setup and workflow, and then learn how to record audio and MIDI; work with virtual instruments; use samples and Apple Loops, and conform their time and pitch to better fit a song; and leverage key editing and arranging techniques. Moving deeper into the program, we will cover how to work with music notation and score to video. We will them wrap up with information on mixing, working in surround, and finishing a project.


Part 2: Virtual instruments 

The virtual instruments inside Logic Pro X are some of the main tools used for creating the music we know and hear everywhere. In this section, we will explore ways you can use the virtual instruments found in this industry-leading, professional audio product from Apple. I will share a comprehensive examination of the vintage instruments in Logic, including the B3 and Clav, basic synthesizers like the ES 1 Subtractive Synth and ES P Polyphonic Synth, advanced synthesizers including the ES 2 Hybrid Synth and Retro Synth, the EXS24 sampler, and other major instruments including Alchemy, Sculpture, Drum Kit Designer, and Ultrabeat. We will cover working with oscillators and filters, understanding modulation, designing sounds, routing, mapping, slicing, and much more.


如今,电子音乐工作室和音乐家一样都是音乐创作中不可或缺的一部分。 Logic Pro X结合了两者的优点:他有将新鲜的音乐创意带入生活的特点,也是从表演中获得最大收益的工具。在本课程中,我们将带您了解Logic的学习曲线,展示如何撰写,录制,编辑和混合出色的音轨。首先,我们将熟悉设置和工作流程,然后学习如何记录音频和MIDI;使用虚拟仪器;使用样本和Apple Loops,并调整它们的时间和音高以使其更适合歌曲;并利用关键的编辑和编排技术。在课程中后期,我们将介绍如何使用音乐符号和视频得分。我们将为他们提供有关混音,环绕声的信息和协助完成项目。



Logic Pro X内部的虚拟乐器是我们用于创建高传唱度音乐的一些主要工具。在本节中,我们将探索如何使用这个由苹果公司推出的业界领先专业音频产品中的虚拟乐器。我将全面介绍Logic中的老式乐器,包括B3和Clav,基本合成器包括ES 1减法合成器和ES P和弦合成器等,高级合成器包括ES 2混合合成器和Retro合成器,EXS24采样器以及其他主要功能包括Alchemy,Sculpture,Drum Kit Designer和Ultrabeat。我们还将介绍使用振荡器和滤波器,了解调制,设计声音,路由,映射,切片等更多内容。 

About The Professor


Benoit Granier

Benoit Granier, born in 1974 in Nantes, France, is a Professor, Composer, (ethno) Musicologist, Visual and sonic artist, Philosopher, and life long believer in collaborative works within the arts. 


Dr Granier studied at Paris conservatory where he won first prize in composition in 1996 in the class of renowned composer Gerard Grisey, Orchestration (Victor Costa), Harmony (Thierry Escaih) and Music analysis (Christian Accaoui) . 


Dr Granier furthers his education in Ireland where he studied electro –acoustic music and composition at Trinity College Dublin under the guidance of composer Donnacha Dennehy. He graduated (first class) in both Master Degree and PhD In Computer Music and Composition.  During that time he was involved in film music, where he worked as second team orchestrator in movies such as  “The Lords of the Ring ”.


After finishing his Phd degree, Dr Granier started to teach at Trinity College Dublin. In 2008 he was invited to teach at the central conservatory of Music (Beijing, China) and develop strong relationships between China and the rest of the world (focusing on establishing relationships with Europe and the United States of America). Besides his work at central conservatory, he has taught in many recognized institutions such as The National University of Singapore, Peking University, and Beijing Film Academy where he delivered courses in electronic music, orchestration, sound design, film music, acoustics and recording. 

 本和华•聂伯纳,出生于1974年,法籍, 教授、作曲家、民族音乐学家、视觉和声音艺术家,致力于现代音乐和电子音乐的跨艺术跨文化创作。


      聂博纳就读于巴黎音乐学院, 师从著名作曲家热拉尔•格里塞Gerard Grisey , 于1996年获得了巴黎音乐学院作曲学一等奖,管弦乐编曲和对位法学一等奖,以及音乐分析一等奖。




    博士毕业后,聂伯纳留校执教于都柏林圣三一学院。2008年,聂博纳应邀来到中央音乐学院任教,从此扎根于中国,致力于东西方音乐文化交流及研究,积极通过各种形式推动音乐和文化在中国的发展。他曾同时担任新加坡国立大学,北京大学,北京电影学院等各大院校的特聘教授,教授作曲,电子音乐,管弦乐作曲,声音设计,电影音乐,声学,录音等科目。八年来,聂博纳常任中央音乐学院作曲系教授,博士生导师,现同时为维也纳乐团”Wien Concertina”驻团作曲家, 德威国际学校驻团作曲家。

Enter My Classroom




Class 1 第 1 课 

7pm, 22 Aug, 1 Hour 

Music reading 名作赏读 Setting up with Logic Pro X 安装设置 Logic Pro X Getting your workflow in order 熟悉 Logic Pro X 的各种功能和工具。

Class 2 第 2 课

7pm, 23 Aug, 1 Hour

Music reading 名作赏读 Making Music with Logic Pro X 用 Logic Pro X 制作音乐。 

Class 3 第 3 课*

7pm, 29 Aug, 1 Hour + 10Mins One-on-One

Music reading 名作赏读 Recording MIDI 录制 MIDI Editing and arranging MIDI 编辑、处理 MIDI。

Class 4 第 4 课

7pm, 30 Aug, 1 Hour

Music reading 名作赏读 Compositing with samples, loops and exposing tempo and pitch 合成音乐小段和循环乐句,显示速度和音高。

Class 5/6 第 5/6 课 5pm

7pm, 05/06 Sep, 1 Hour

Music reading 名作赏读 Recording Audio 录制音频 Editing and arranging 编辑和处理。

Class 7 第 7 课*

7pm, 12 Sep, 1 Hour + 20Mins One-on-One

Working with notation – E.g. up and ramming with the score editor 记谱 – 例如:用乐谱编辑器加强和丰富表现力 Working with picture – E.g. setting up for a video project 制作音乐视频。

Class 8/9 第 8/9 课

7pm, 13/19 Sep, 1 Hour

Mixing and mastering 混音技巧 Exporting and sharing 小组分享课程 Sharing your mix 作品分享。