Explore The Digital World 

Castiglione’s 2020 projects are running as a hybrid online collection.

We continue delivering client centered experiences created through music expression that is accessible to

the community at large. 

We will leverage the resources, strategies and network enabled through advanced technology,

and work closely with a diverse group of partners to produce and distribute the high quality arts and music digital content

to inspire the young generation.

Through the newly built initiatives, Castiglione provides our stakeholders with opportunities to re-connection,

collaborate and showcase some of the great creations happening around the world. 


Stage in Lights

Streaming and

Live Concert

Whether it be classical, concert, opera, ballet or rare documentary, we bring you the ones you love from theatres to your devices. Let’s celebrate online streaming events in a new era at lower cost and better service.

Music Recording


Music Course

Access to pre-recorded 4k HD online classes by a group of people who are among the best at what they do in the arts and music industry. Watch the class at any time, anywhere. Downloadable resources to boost your education and career. 


Digital Music Course

Masterclass in Live

Recording Studio


in Live

A rare opportunity to meet the professors from the world’s top universities. Designed and instructed by well-known industry experts who share their stories, skills and knowledge with an online real time lecture. A series of four main categories in: Creation and Production; Career and Development; Theory studies and Instrumental skills. 

Mother and Daughter Having Fun

Classical and Kids Podcast Programs

Well-rounded and selected Classical music for both children and adults. You can hear some of the most iconic music pieces and programs produced by the best broadcasting companies around the globe. We only work with the quality content providers to optimize the outcomes. 


Classical and Kids Podcast Programs

Streaming and Live Concert