Castiglione Arts & Culture

We are a boutique arts management company based in Melbourne and Shanghai, dedicated to promoting performing art events, live event digitalisation and music education.

The name is inspired by Italian painter Giuseppe Castiglione, an artist at the imperial court of Qing emperors who became a bridge between Eastern and Western arts.

Starting operation in 2015, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of touring  in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and other Asian Pacific areas. 

Tour Management

Over the past five years, Castiglione has been working with the best international music pioneers from around the globe, and has organised over 60 shows across Australia with more than 100,000 attendances. 

Explore the Digital World

In 2020, we are launching four new digital initiatives to help us bounce back from the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

Our new phase of embracing and developing the digital arts & music projects incl. Live Event Streaming, Online MasterClass, Online Music Course and Kids Radio Station, will shed light on our core value and capacity of breaking through the traditional business model and explore new challenges & opportunities in the market.

Our deep, long-term connections with the industry stakeholders including artists, musicians, educators, producers, and other diverse companies shape our vision and business philosophy to quickly transform from the focus on live events management to online streaming and digital distribution for a bigger arts community.